Hilari Montez Seagears

God’s Glory!

One mission – JESUS! To express unshakable faith and unbreakable trust in a perfect God regardless of the circumstance.

Hilari has published “her” first book and is now available for online purchase!!!

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BR Mission Statement

BOLD Resilience LLC is a community based ministry that utilizes various platforms and resources to promote Jesus. We serve to highlight the undeniable need for balance in navigating through insufferable pain. Our goal is to empower grieving mothers especially, to activate their resilience when they experience the depths of sorrow from miscarriage and infant loss. Our desire is to offer the space, freedom and time to heal – God’s way. Even still, our organization is all inclusive and serves as a reminder to anyone who experiences pain to boast in their weakness, submit to God’s supernatural strength, and prepare for the ultimate bounce back – because it is on the way. You may feel broken, but you are not beyond repair!

Hilari Seagears is the founder, yet she directs all glory to God.

Book Release of The Power of Weakness written by Hilari Montez Seagears in honor of her 4 angels in heaven.
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness.