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Unshakable faith. Unbreakable Trust. BOLD Resilience.
Hilari’s Calendar:
Conversations from the Ring – Fixed Fight w/ Gabrielle Harriston
Transformation Roundtable & Tea Time w/ Melissa Roberts
Breaking Through w/ Ingrid Paz
Podcast Guest – Purple Diary by Danielle
Meet the Authors
NBC Women’s Bible Study
Undeniable Women’s Conference
Tea Time With Melissa
Empowerment Circle
Women’s Luncheon

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Gainesville, Virginia 20155

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Hilari does all this in loving memory of her Dad, William James Wilson, Sr and precious children in heaven –

Angel, Jordan, Christian-Noel & Jewel Seagears.

Your legacy lives on!

“If you think your life is worthless, you need to know how it began!”

Traci Wilson
Excerpt from “The Power of Weakness”
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